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AZ Ironman Bike Handler Information

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

Get In Touch

Signed up to bike handle with us? THANKS! We are your bike handler captains and have some important information for you. If you haven't signed up to help us at the race, please visit the AZ Ironman volunteer page and sign up to bike handle. We'll be in touch after that.

RACE WEEK: Visit the FCA calendar  to see where else you can find us during Ironman week. All upcoming AZ FCA Endurance events are listed on the calendar.

VOLUNTEER MEETING: There is no pre-race volunteer meeting. Make sure you have reviewed everything on this bike handler page and show up on time to your shift. We will run over things quickly with you at the beginning of your shift.

GETTING THERE: We highly recommend carpooling, biking or taking the light rail to the race venue. Getting in and out of parking lots with closed /restricted traffic is tough! Exit the light rail at the 3rd Street and Mill Ave exit and walk north about a half a mile to the bike transition area. The fare is $2 per person per trip, but it might be worth it! When looking at the online schedule, put your cursor to the side of the schedule box and more stops/beginning locations will appear. 


  1. Anyone can park for free in the US Airways Center lot without a parking pass (111 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe 85281). 
  2. Parking passes and lot information will be posted here and emailed to you when we get that info from IM AZ.
  3. Spots are scattered throughout the town for nominal fees as well.
  4. Consider taking the light rail or riding your bike instead! You can keep your bike in the transition area during afternoon bike handling shifts. This isn't possible during the morning shift since the athletes are running through the area getting their bikes. It is too congested.

PLAN AHEAD: Please give yourself enough time on race morning to get to transition area with ample time to prepare for your day. Roads will be congested as athletes, volunteers and spectators converge on the area in a short period of time. 

FINDING US ON RACE DAY: Sunday, November 18, 2018. Photo of John & Debbie is on this page.

  • 7:05-9:30am shift- we'll meet you just outside the west end of the bike rack area, opposite the "run out." This area is marked on the map shown on this page, as a yellowish-orange crosswalk just west of the bike rack area, close to the Tempe Beach parking lot. Please watch part of the rolling swim start and check in with us by 7:05am. The mornings can be a little cool, bring a hat and sunscreen as well.
  • All afternoon shifts will meet at the beginning of your shift, on the south side of the bike transition area. It is marked on the map shown on this page. Please bring sunscreen, a hat and gloves to protect your hands from dirty bikes :)  Wear a Garmin if you want to see how many miles you get in re-racking the bikes!


  • you will receive your volunteer shirt when you arrive for your shift.
  • sunscreen, watch/garmin, sunglasses, hat, positive attitude, comfortable shoes, clothes for warm as well as cooler weather. Afternoon shifts: bring gloves!
  • There will be a volunteer food tent where you can get something to eat and drink. Your volunteer shirt will get you into the tent.


  • Morning bike handlers help athletes find their bikes after they are done with the 2.4 mile swim and exit the change tent.
  • Afternoon shifts will take bikes from athletes after the 112 mile bike and put them back on the transition racks for them. They head to the change tent and off on a 26.2 mile run. 

REGISTRATION for next year's AZ Ironman race:

  • If you volunteer during this year's full AZ Ironman race, you will be able to sign up for next year's race with a priority volunteer registration.
  • Every volunteer will be logged in the database system and checked in for their shift when they show up.
  • If you complete your volunteer shift commitment, then you will receive an email from Ironman the week after the race that will have a unique link for you to register for next year's race.
  • This link will allow you to sign up a week prior to the general public registration. So, while you are not guaranteed a spot it is very likely that you will be able to register.
  • You no longer need to stay in Tempe the day after the race to register!! Instead, you can register after you return home the next week.

VOLUNTEER PARTY: Monday, November 19th at 5:30pm at Tempe Beach Park. Drinks, dinner and really great prizes! Most likely will be held in the bike transition area. It will be easy to find because all else should be taken down by then.

sea of bikes
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John & Debbie Foster

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